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DelsaMax nanoparticle analysers from Meritics

The Beckman Coulter DelsaMax series of Nanoparticle analysers, brought to you by Meritics, are among the fastest and most user-friendly nanoparticle analysers available.

Optimised for biological materials and similar precious and vulnerable particles, the DelsaMax range is ideal if you want to measure zeta potential and size characterisation of proteins, carbon nanotube suspensions and emulsions.delsamax There are three members of the DelsaMax family, the DelsaMax PRO, the DelsaMax CORE and the DelsaMax ASSIST, each instrument configured for different tasks depending on your requirements.

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Just Press a Button

In my last post I tried to give a sense of just how easy and convenient Beckman Coulter’s DelsaMax dynamic light scattering instruments are to use. Today I would like to add to that by describing – in very simple terms – what the user actually does to obtain particle size and zeta potential information from these analysers. Continue reading Just Press a Button

Nanoparticle Analysis Made Simple

In recent months the Dynamic Light Scattering website has gone into considerable detail on the principles by which this method gives us information on particle size. I would now like to simplify things and talk about what the Beckman Coulter DelsaMax family of dynamic light scattering instruments actually does to make life easier for those involved in particle characterisation. Continue reading Nanoparticle Analysis Made Simple