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Particle Size Distribution Analysis – An Overview

Within the context of particle science, particle size analysis refers to determination of size, range and/or mean size of particles present. This analysis is crucial for research and commercial applications in a number of industries and a wide variety of applications. In the chemical industry, when powders form one or more of the reactants, precise constitution of the powder is vital to ensure consistency. In the construction industry, particularly road building, aggregates must be optimised for maximum strength and durability.  Continue reading Particle Size Distribution Analysis – An Overview

Just Press a Button

In my last post I tried to give a sense of just how easy and convenient Beckman Coulter’s DelsaMax dynamic light scattering instruments are to use. Today I would like to add to that by describing – in very simple terms – what the user actually does to obtain particle size and zeta potential information from these analysers. Continue reading Just Press a Button

Nanoparticle Analysis Made Simple

In recent months the Dynamic Light Scattering website has gone into considerable detail on the principles by which this method gives us information on particle size. I would now like to simplify things and talk about what the Beckman Coulter DelsaMax family of dynamic light scattering instruments actually does to make life easier for those involved in particle characterisation. Continue reading Nanoparticle Analysis Made Simple

Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 3

In the last instalment of a three-part recap on how dynamic light scattering works, I would like to talk about the actual collection and processing of particle size data. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 3

Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 2

Stokes-Einstein equation

Stokes-Einstein equation

Last month we recapped on the basic principles of dynamic light scattering. This month I’d like to add some further detail. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 2

Dynamic Light Scattering Recap

Over the last couple of years we have looked deeply and widely into the subject of dynamic light scattering. I think it’s worth stopping, from time to time, to look again at the basic principles and restate them – perhaps in different words – to make sure they are understood. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering Recap


Flow cytometry - Beckman Coulter

Having written a lot about Beckman Coulter’s contribution to the field of dynamic light scattering, a recent news item has reminded me that there is a lot more to the company than the manufacture of particle characterisation instruments. The report concerned the acquisition of a specialist developer and maker of cytometers. Continue reading Cytometry

Characterisation of Nanotubes


I hadn’t heard of it until recently, but a relatively new class of materials known as carbon nanotubes is proving to be very useful in a variety of applications and appears to offer scope for solutions in many branches of science and engineering. To make best use of that potential, these materials need to be characterised and assessed. In one of a range of application notes downloadable from the Beckman Coulter website, the use of DelsaMax PRO in such analysis is studied. Continue reading Characterisation of Nanotubes

DelsaMax CORE in Molecular Weight Analysis


Molecular weight - BSAI’d like to direct you to another source of useful information on applications of dynamic light scattering. If you go to the web page you will find a button inviting you to ask for application downloads. Click on that, then fill in your details, and you will be offered a very interesting selection of application studies. Continue reading DelsaMax CORE in Molecular Weight Analysis

DelsaMax ASSIST and Analysis Software

DelsaMax ASSIST - Beckman Coulter


In some of my recent posts I have given brief details of the DelsaMax PRO and CORE dynamic light scattering instruments from Beckman Coulter. Among other things, I have been amazed by how quickly, accurately and reliably this series delivers its particle size and zeta potential analysis. I have also been impressed by the fact that it can do this with incredibly small samples and tiny particles. Today I’d like to talk about the other two items in the DelsaMax product line-up: DelsaMax ASSIST and the DelsaMax Analysis Software. Continue reading DelsaMax ASSIST and Analysis Software