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DelsaMax nanoparticle analysers from Meritics

The Beckman Coulter DelsaMax series of Nanoparticle analysers, brought to you by Meritics, are among the fastest and most user-friendly nanoparticle analysers available.

Optimised for biological materials and similar precious and vulnerable particles, the DelsaMax range is ideal if you want to measure zeta potential and size characterisation of proteins, carbon nanotube suspensions and emulsions.delsamax There are three members of the DelsaMax family, the DelsaMax PRO, the DelsaMax CORE and the DelsaMax ASSIST, each instrument configured for different tasks depending on your requirements.

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DelsaMax PRO and CORE Analysers

DelsaMax CORE – Beckman Coulter

DelsaMax CORE

Depending on your specific particle characterisation needs, the main choice you will need to make within the new DelsaMax range of dynamic light scattering instruments from Beckman Coulter might well be between the PRO and CORE versions. A little summary here might help. Continue reading DelsaMax PRO and CORE Analysers

DelsaMax Website

The recent announcement of a whole new range of Beckman Coulter dynamic light scattering instruments was of major significance for those of us with a deep interest in nanoparticle research. After all, the existing Beckman Coulter range already had so much to offer. What would the new DelsaMax analysers have to add? Continue reading DelsaMax Website