Particle and Material Characterisation

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If you are a regular reader of the dynamic light scattering website, or of those on Coulter Counters ( and pore size (, you will probably be aware of Meritics ( Meritics provides authoritative advice and support on these and all other aspects of particle and material characterisation technology.

Founded in 2003, Meritics is perhaps best known as the UK supplier of Beckman Coulter’s range of world-leading particle characterisation products, including its dynamic light scattering, laser diffraction and Coulter Counter instruments. Along with the products themselves, Meritics provides specialist sales, service and technical support.

However, Meritics also represents a variety of other leading instrument manufacturers, which means that its advice is independent as well as expert. Whatever your particle characterisation needs, you can count on Meritics to identify the most appropriate methods and equipment.

Whether the material you wish to characterise is in a powder, aerosol, emulsion, suspension, liquid, solid, film or any other form, Meritics and its team of particle characterisation specialists have the answer within their range of laboratory and online products.

Important criteria analysed and measured include particle numbers, sizes, size distributions, surface areas, pore sizes and zeta potential. In each case the technique chosen will optimise the information output to suit your sample and process.

As well as the instruments already mentioned, Meritics offers a unique viscometer and flowability analyser range, along with samplers, collectors and much more.

Comprehensive support services from Meritics include a telephone helpline, maintenance contracts, instrument training, field-based engineers and technical support, and a laboratory which assists in application and method development.

In addition to sales, Meritics can supply instruments on a hire basis to help customers meet short-term or seasonal particle measurement needs.

Meritics also has skilled laboratory staff who can carry out characterisation work on your behalf, using any of the latest techniques and instruments.

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