New DelsaMax Series of Analysers


This month I have information on a whole new series of dynamic light scattering instruments from Beckman Coulter. The DelsaMax Series looks set to take nanoparticle research to another level in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability.

For particle characterisation work that requires analysis of size and zeta potential, the DelsaMax PRO will assess both factors at the same time – in less than a second! Cross-checking of results is instantaneous.

The PRO will do this for samples as small as 45 µl, but a sample volume of just 1 µl will be sufficient for the DelsaMax CORE to provide precise particle sizing. No other instrument available today can match that.

DelsaMax instruments will measure any particle, from 0.4 nm to 10,000 nm, and with a market-leading 32 detectors in simultaneous action they will deliver the test results more quickly and accurately than ever.

In the case of zeta potential, speed is a major key to obtaining precise measurements while avoiding the risk of degradation of the sample.

A further innovation, found in the DelsaMax ASSIST, is the facility to pressurise the sample cell to reduce bubbling and interference, for optimum particle preparation.

As users of Beckman Coulter’s previous products have come to expect, the software provides a host of useful functions and is at the same time very easy to use. For example, data points or ‘flyers’ can be edited without the need to re-run samples, and the accuracy and consistency of results can be simply checked by creating overlays.

Robust distributions are guaranteed thanks to a proprietary ‘normalisation’ algorithm. There is an optimised, customisable autocorrelation function which allows particles of interest to be selected. The many benefits of the latest versatile and highly intuitive software interface also include customisation of user variables and reports.

As I write, full details of these remarkable new models are only just emerging. I’m sure I will return to look at them again in the future. In the meantime, do visit to find out more.