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The recent announcement of a whole new range of Beckman Coulter dynamic light scattering instruments was of major significance for those of us with a deep interest in nanoparticle research. After all, the existing Beckman Coulter range already had so much to offer. What would the new DelsaMax analysers have to add?

For full details you can visit a special DelsaMax website,, but for now I would just like to say a little about one of the models: the DelsaMax PRO.

Launching the new series, Beckman actually called it a breakthrough in nanoparticle research – and that is certainly no exaggeration. The speed and sensitivity of these analysers will surely have a major effect on productivity for all who use them.

The DelsaMax PRO features two detection systems, working in parallel but independently. While particle size and structure are being determined, the instrument’s 31 independent photodetectors can be measuring the sample’s zeta potential.

Particles with diameters anywhere between 0.4 and 10,000 nm can be characterised and results can be obtained in just a second. Now that’s fast!

It’s clear, therefore, that both the accuracy and the speed available using the DelsaMax PRO offer dramatic improvements compared to anything that has gone before.

This should be of great interest to those whose applications involve biological samples, chemicals, materials or polymer science. In particular, the instrument’s ability to determine zeta potential in particles measuring as little as 1 nm will be a big help when it comes to biological samples which are very small. Importantly, the DelsaMax PRO allows analysis of proteins in their native conditions – thus avoiding damage – and makes it possible for zeta potential and isoelectric point to be assessed reproducibly at low sample volumes and concentrations.

An associated new product, the DelsaMax ASSIST, can be used to reduce bubbling and to stabilise the sample. It does this by forcing inert gas into the DelsaMax PRO’s flow cell. The DelsaMax PRO can also be used in connection with a standard HPLC autosampler. Customisable auto-correction analysis and a facility for creation of overlays and custom user variables are among the software functions available.

DelsaMax Pro – Beckman Coulter

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