DelsaMax nanoparticle analysers from Meritics

The Beckman Coulter DelsaMax series of Nanoparticle analysers, brought to you by Meritics, are among the fastest and most user-friendly nanoparticle analysers available.

Optimised for biological materials and similar precious and vulnerable particles, the DelsaMax range is ideal if you want to measure zeta potential and size characterisation of proteins, carbon nanotube suspensions and emulsions.delsamax There are three members of the DelsaMax family, the DelsaMax PRO, the DelsaMax CORE and the DelsaMax ASSIST, each instrument configured for different tasks depending on your requirements.

The DelsaMax PRO allows simultaneous analysis of both particle size and zeta potential for sample volumes as small as 45 μl. The DelsaMax’s speed of analysis leaves delicate samples unperturbed, thanks to the 31 different detectors used during the zeta potential measurement and the separate detector used for particle sizing.

The combination of independent measurement systems allows for parallel assessment of both sample particle size and zeta potential, compared with other instruments that require closer to a minute’s measuring time – which may have a detrimental affect on the integrity of your sample.

The DelsaMax PRO system also allows instant result cross-checking, so that the DelsaMax PRO is able to measure the zeta potential of samples as low in concentration as the equivalent of 1mg/ml of lysozyme. The sample is simply added by syringe, and there is an elegant touch screen for following the whole process.

The DelsaMax CORE is designed for nanosizing of particles down to 1μL sample volumes. The DelsaMax ASSIST is for sample preparation and pressurises the sample cell to optimise particle preparation – improving reproducibility and reliability of sample measurements.