Flow cytometry - Beckman Coulter

Having written a lot about Beckman Coulter’s contribution to the field of dynamic light scattering, a recent news item has reminded me that there is a lot more to the company than the manufacture of particle characterisation instruments. The report concerned the acquisition of a specialist developer and maker of cytometers.

My own particular interests have focused on Beckman Coulter’s advances in photon correlation spectroscopy (for measurement of particle size, and size distribution) and electrophoretic light scattering (for determination of zeta potential), as well as its continuing development of the Coulter Counter.

In fact, this company is responsible for a huge variety of innovative products which automate and simplify biomedical testing. It has also contributed hugely to the development of equipment used in the related field of life science research, which helps us to understand the complexity of living systems and diseases, discover the causes of illnesses and find new treatments.

Among other things, Beckman Coulter is a leader in flow cytometry – and the acquisition of Xitogen Technologies Inc. and the Cytojene Corporation, based in China, will add further to its portfolio in that specific field. If you take a look at Beckman Coulter’s history, you will see that there have been many such acquisitions which have helped to ensure that every research need is met.

In this case the acquisition will, in particular, add the Xitogen XTG-1600 cytometer to the range. With a small footprint and a capability of detecting items in the 100 nm range, it will prove useful to those researching, for example, bacteria, viruses, cell organelles and microparticles. In its basic specification it offers one laser and four channels but it can be upgraded to a three-laser, 16-channel system if required. The cytometer is also, as you would expect from anything in the Beckman Coulter range, high quality, high performing and user friendly.

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