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An Invaluable Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis for Protein Therapeutics

proteintherapeuticsguideDynamic imaging particle analysis uses digital imaging to characterise particles in a fluid with a variety of different measurements. The microscope images of particles are obtained automatically permitting significantly large numbers of particles to be examined, producing a better understanding of a sample’s composition. Continue reading An Invaluable Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis for Protein Therapeutics

Particle Size Distribution Analysis – An Overview

Within the context of particle science, particle size analysis refers to determination of size, range and/or mean size of particles present. This analysis is crucial for research and commercial applications in a number of industries and a wide variety of applications. In the chemical industry, when powders form one or more of the reactants, precise constitution of the powder is vital to ensure consistency. In the construction industry, particularly road building, aggregates must be optimised for maximum strength and durability.  Continue reading Particle Size Distribution Analysis – An Overview

Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 3

In the last instalment of a three-part recap on how dynamic light scattering works, I would like to talk about the actual collection and processing of particle size data. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 3

Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 2

Stokes-Einstein equation

Stokes-Einstein equation

Last month we recapped on the basic principles of dynamic light scattering. This month I’d like to add some further detail. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering Recap Part 2


Flow cytometry - Beckman Coulter

Having written a lot about Beckman Coulter’s contribution to the field of dynamic light scattering, a recent news item has reminded me that there is a lot more to the company than the manufacture of particle characterisation instruments. The report concerned the acquisition of a specialist developer and maker of cytometers. Continue reading Cytometry

New Videos for DelsaMax Series

bcdelsaHave you see the latest videos for the DelsaMax series yet?

Just click on the main video page to view the full list or use the drop downs to select a video of interest.

These videos focus on the main funtions and features, as well as the applications and associated software. Remember, if you have any questions, please contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you or arrange a demo of the products.

Beckman Coulter

Dr Arnold O Beckman

Dr Arnold O Beckman

I’m always interested to know something about the background of companies who make the instruments I use. In the case of Beckman Coulter, which makes dynamic light scattering equipment, there is a lot of information to research. Particle characterisation is just one of many areas in which this organisation supplies products and services. Even within that category, the photon correlation spectroscopy (for measuring sizes and size distributions) and electrophoretic light scattering (for measuring zeta potential) instruments are not the only ones on offer. Continue reading Beckman Coulter

Particle and Material Characterisation

Meritics logo

If you are a regular reader of the dynamic light scattering website, or of those on Coulter Counters ( and pore size (, you will probably be aware of Meritics ( Meritics provides authoritative advice and support on these and all other aspects of particle and material characterisation technology. Continue reading Particle and Material Characterisation

New DelsaMax Series of Analysers


This month I have information on a whole new series of dynamic light scattering instruments from Beckman Coulter. The DelsaMax Series looks set to take nanoparticle research to another level in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. Continue reading New DelsaMax Series of Analysers

Brownian Motion and Dynamic Light Scattering

Brownian motion

Brownian motion

When reading about the principles underlying a particular analytical instrument or technique, I often come across concepts which are not fully explained but which the authors assume will be recognised by the reader. Sometimes it’s good to have a look at those concepts and make sure their significance is understood. One that I’d like to mention is Brownian motion, or Brownian movement. Continue reading Brownian Motion and Dynamic Light Scattering