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Smart window developed to block out heat

A smart window has been developed to block out the heat when the temperature rises, meaning air conditioning could become a thing of the past. Continue reading Smart window developed to block out heat

Characterisation of Nanotubes


I hadn’t heard of it until recently, but a relatively new class of materials known as carbon nanotubes is proving to be very useful in a variety of applications and appears to offer scope for solutions in many branches of science and engineering. To make best use of that potential, these materials need to be characterised and assessed. In one of a range of application notes downloadable from the Beckman Coulter website, the use of DelsaMax PRO in such analysis is studied. Continue reading Characterisation of Nanotubes

DelsaMax CORE in Molecular Weight Analysis


Molecular weight - BSAI’d like to direct you to another source of useful information on applications of dynamic light scattering. If you go to the web page you will find a button inviting you to ask for application downloads. Click on that, then fill in your details, and you will be offered a very interesting selection of application studies. Continue reading DelsaMax CORE in Molecular Weight Analysis

Studying Fat Globules in Milk


The following article, based on application information available via the Beckman Coulter website, gives an example of how measurements of particle size and zeta potential may both be obtained using the same instrument. In this case the subject is fat globules in homogenised milk. Continue reading Studying Fat Globules in Milk

Dynamic Light Scattering in Protein Studies


If you have been reading some of the other posts on this blog you will know by now that dynamic light scattering offers a quick and accurate method of obtaining information on size, and size distribution, of particles held in suspension or solution. The variety of particle types to which it can be applied is enormous, ranging from 0.6 nm to 7 µm in size and from simple solutions and suspensions to polymers in very complex fluids. Continue reading Dynamic Light Scattering in Protein Studies

Light Scattering applications

electrophoretic light scattering imageThe variety of dissolved or suspended particles that can be characterised by photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering is enormous. They include nanoparticles, polymers, carbohydrates, proteins and micelles, to name but a few.

The value of a method which provides quick and accurate information on particle size and concentration need hardly explained. Zeta potential is a much more complex parameter. Continue reading Light Scattering applications