An Invaluable Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis for Protein Therapeutics

proteintherapeuticsguideDynamic imaging particle analysis uses digital imaging to characterise particles in a fluid with a variety of different measurements. The microscope images of particles are obtained automatically permitting significantly large numbers of particles to be examined, producing a better understanding of a sample’s composition.

Dynamic imaging particle analysis, which is also called flow imaging, is particularly suited to protein therapeutics, for the characterisation of sub-visible particles in biopharmaceuticals. In line with FDA recommendations, this approach is producing a new understanding of formulations as important properties like particle size distribution, particle concentration and particle counts, can augment a new awareness of particle shape and hence of functionality.

Meritics, the particle characterisation specialists, are now making available a downloadable ebook from Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. entitled ‘The Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis for Protein Therapeutics: Discover a better way to characterize sub-visible particles in biopharmaceuticals’. As Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. are a spin-off of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, who developed their patented FlowCam® dynamic imaging particle analysis instrument in 1999 for studying oceanic plankton, this is a particularly informed guide.

With a detailed introduction to the method, sections on microscopy and volumetric particle analysis techniques, dynamic imaging particle analysis theory, data processing, filtering and sorting, as well as the new FDA recommendations, this is an invaluable guide to exactly how dynamic imaging particle analysis is helping revolutionise protein therapeutics. This ebook evaluates the main five factors you need to weigh up when considering investing time and money in dynamic imaging particle analysis, making it the perfect place to start your thinking. What is more the ebook is completely free and is available to download from this link now.

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